Jamie is a life-long animal lover that has nine years of experience training dogs in Southern California. She has also owned pet dogs, cats and birds for all of her life. Jamie has 12 years of experience working with animals in settings as varied as an exotic veterinarian’s office, in-home pet sitting services, dog walking and grooming shops. During that time she took classes and decided to focus on training and behavior modification.  Of all the jobs working with animals she had, she loved animal training and behavior.

Jamie first worked self-employed as a pet sitter since 1994. She began training dogs in 1999 learning the techniques of “jerk and release” and “Dominance Theory”. Then she soon joined the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (ADPT) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). Jamie learned of the scientific support that using Operant Conditioning from Learning Theory was more effective in dog training. After researching, taking courses and comparing the results of the different methods she saw superior results using Learning Theory. Jamie also, applied Learning Theory with her pets and client’s pets of all species she cared for to manage them. She continues her education to this day.

After a brief break from training, she opened a new business in 2019 Good Pets, Good Life. This time Jamie has decided to apply her education and experience to offer training and behavior modification for cats and birds as well. She is passionate about educating the public on modern animal training and behavior science technics and so is launching a blog and youtube channel alongside this business.

Jamie is currently working toward both CBCC-KA and CDBC certifications. She also intends on enrolling in the CASI  Animal Behavior Science and Technology course to obtain the Dip.ABST designation.

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JLB is a woman who loves animals, art, comics and animation. When she isn't training animals she loves writing, drawing and producing content for fun and education on these subjects.

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