House Cats have been for pest control from ancient times forward. Today, cats serve as companions but still have the heart of a hunter. If we understand these instincts, we can have a happy cat and a happy household.

If you teach your cat some basic manners, you can avoid many behavioral issues. Our Bringing up Baby Consult and Right Start packages are designed to help you raise your kitten into a healthy, happy adult cat. The Basic Training Package is designed for both young and old cats to learn basic manners; Like the following:

  • Come when called
  • Go to a place
  • Leash and Harness Training
  • Scratching Post Training
  • Litter Box Training

Even if a behavior problem has developed, you can successfully solve behavior issues; Like the following:

  • Nipping/Biting/Scratching
  • Growling/Hissing
  • Refusing to come
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear of strange things/animals/people
  • Litter Box problems
  • Aggression toward other animals/people

Get a start by filling out Applicable Forms Below:

Cat Behavior

Litter Box Problems

Cat Aggression

Aggression Incident

To get a free 15-minute assessment consultation (on the phone or online only) or book an appointment, please go to the Booking Page.

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